• 2019

    Liang chunying, chairman of the Greek trade commission and vice-chairman of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC), ren ailong, vice governor of shandong province, and wu weihua, vice chairman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress visited sino-russian ocean company.

  • 2019

    A vessel with a class L1 icebreaking capability was introduced, and the operating radius was extended to high latitudes. It has developed into a fleet of eight refrigerated carriers with an annual transportation volume of over 120,000 tons, ranking first in the industry in China.

  • 2019-04

    Three ghanaian tuna Seine boats have been officially approved for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs' pelagic fishery project.

  • 2018-11

    Shandong sdic's acquisition of luxin group shares is conducive to the enterprise's focus on high-quality development.

  • 2014

    The company has obtained the certificate of record of export food production enterprises, which is the first one in shandong province to obtain the certificate of eu registration of refrigerated ship, indicating that the company's ships can transport goods to the eu. As the company acquired the EU No., its international market share increased effectively.

  • 2014

    The company started to build the Atlantic tuna Seine project. In April 2016, the Atlantic tuna Seine project was put into full operation, which made the company the first enterprise of Atlantic tuna Seine operation in China.

  • 2014-07

    Ocean transportation plate has been issued by the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine with the certificate of record registration for self-reporting enterprises and record registration for foreign trade managers, which indicates that the company has obtained the qualification to enter the import and export trade market and the business scope of the company has been further expanded. Marking the transport sector into the international standard first-class Marine transport industry.

  • 2012-01

    The construction work of "taixiang" series eight ships was started. The eight ships were launched and commissioned successively in May, and were ready to sail out to the Indian Ocean in early September. The new shipbuilding project has achieved the goal of "building in the same year, putting into production in the same year and achieving results in the same year".

  • 2009-06

    The largest and earliest "China tuna trading center" affiliated to the company was established in June 2009, becoming the first trading center integrating tuna refrigeration, sales and processing in China.

  • 2007-06

    Share restructuring, shandong state-owned assets investment holding co., ltd. to become the controlling shareholder.

  • 2002

    Zhonglu food company was registered and established, and the company was registered and established in yantai development zone, which further extended the industrial chain of the company to the downstream. Through the development of land plate, the company realized the "simultaneous development of land and sea as a whole".

  • 2001

    China is the first country to conduct purse Seine business, introducing the first large tuna Seine boat "taifu" to work in fishing grounds in the west and east Pacific.

  • 2000-07

    At present, it is the only comprehensive ocean fishery listed company in shandong province.

  • 1999

    China has set up its first longline fishing fleet, and introduced an ultra-low-temperature tuna longline fishing boat "teli" to operate in the international waters of the Indian Ocean, laying a foundation for participating in international market competition.

  • 1999

    When the company was founded, it set up an ocean-going transportation fleet, which has five refrigerated carriers, mainly sailing in Japan, Indonesia and other southeast Asia, south Pacific, north Pacific, South America, eastern Samoa, Alaska, domestic and other sea areas. It can realize the refrigerated transportation of frozen squid, frozen fish, garlic, autumn knife fish, bananas, tuna and other goods.

  • 1999-07

    Approved by shandong provincial people's government, zhonglu ocean fishery co., LTD was established in July 1999.